Sculpture de Orazio Marinali, vers 1700

Sculpture de Orazio Marinali, vers 1700

Orazio Marinali

(Bassano 1643 – Vicenza 1720)

vers 1700

Putti jouant avec oiseau

(Allégorie de l’Air?)

marbre blanc

39 x 62 x 22 cm

Etude critique de Dr Monica De Vincenti


The group depicts two Cherubs contending for a bird and is clearly attributable to Orazio Marinali. The subject is linked to Roman classic era and had a great fortune from Renaissance – and in 17th and 18th century most of all – both in sacred and in profane paintings and sculpture: a variety of children figures were used for decorative, but also for allegorical purposes. A not clear meaning is shown in our marble bust as well: it could represent a simple childish playful quarrel or an allegory instead, due to the presence of the bird, a representation of Air. […]

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