Lane’s Pocket Globe, 1809

Lane’s Pocket Globe, 1809

A 2 3/4-iNch POCKET GLOBE PUBLISHED BY Nicholas Lane, LONDON, 1809

comprising twelve hand-coloured engraved gores, maker’s cartouche inscribed “LANE’s Pocket GLOBE – LONDON 1809”

The oceans including the Ethiopic Ocean; the Western or Atlantic Ocean; The Eastern Ocean; and Great South Sea with tracks for Anson and Cook; the South Pole unmarked and described as ‘Frozen Ocean’, Australia described as ‘New Holland’ and conjoined as one withTasmania, national boundaries in dotted outline, cities and rivers, China, showing the Great

Wall, sited next to ‘Independent Tartary’, Africa with details such as ‘Negroland’, and ‘Country of the Hottentots’, Canada with no northern coastline, and other details, two steel axis pins at the poles, contained within a hinged spherical faux fishskin-covered case lined with two sets of engraved celestial half-gores, coloured green and with constellations depicted by signs of the Zodiac

Globe 3-inch (7.5cm) diameter