Pocket Globe, after H. Moll, London, 1775
Pocket globe, after Hermann Moll London, 1775 circa Hand-colored 2.75 inch. pocket globe with 12 gores and polar calottes, titled in cartouche in the Great South Sea A correct globe with the new discoveries, housed in original faux-shagreen case with hand-colored celestial globe set within, this titled A Correct Globe with the New Constelations of Dr. Halley &c 2.75 inch. diameter (7 cm) This globe is considered an updated version of Moll’s 1719 A Correct Globe with ye Trade Winds, the updates including the track of Cook’s 1768 first voyage, here mislabeled as 1760, and the Australia continent reflects his discoveries. California is presented as a large peninsula and the west coast of America extends up to “Beering’s L.d.” Lastly, The name in the celestial globe has been changed from Hevelius to Halley.

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